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Transcendent are a mental telepathy act made up of Adrian Neal and Suzy Ellen. They incorporate a mixture of psychology, misdirection, and showmanship to provide light hearted entertainment.  The simple aim is to make the audience happier than when they arrived, and to leave thinking "how the hell did they do that?!"


When not performing with Transcendent Adrian is a hypnotist and certified hypnotherapist running his own company Clockwise Hypnotherapy, a musician, an aerobatic air show pilot and an airline pilot.


Suzy, arguably the more intelligent of the two is a member of Mensa, is also a certified hypnotherapist and cofounder of Clockwise Hypnotherapy, has a degree in interior design and works as cabin crew for an airline.

They are available for stage shows, weddings, parties and private engagements.  


They also offer an array of corporate possibilities where they teach effective communication, optimal decision making, team work skills, stress control and memory techniques. The use of hypnosis combined with skills acquired in the commercial flying world provides a unique range of techniques to optimise mental and physical performance.  

"Absolutely incredible and I was completely blown away and mesmerised by the whole thing! Brilliant!!!!!"

"Be prepared to be mesmerised and truly amazed by Transcendent"

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