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Wilson is a cheeky chappie from the mean streets of a council estate in South London and is is surprisingly wise as well as hilarious! He quickly made his mark in the comedy world, getting to the finals of several new act competitions including the prestigious NATYS New Act of the Year at the Bloomsbury Theatre. 


Wilson was the first ever stand up comedian to have a comedy set featured by 'Lad Bible' which went viral with over a million views. He was also tour support for comedy royalty Tom Stade. Wilson has the rare versatility that enables him to play any type of gig, which sees him regularly working on both the mainstream circuit and the black comedy circuit.


As well as live work, Wilson has been heard on BBC Radio 4's "Unsafe Spaces".

"Smart, charismatic and a huge hit with audiences, Wilson is fast becoming a great name to look out for" - David Geli, Up The Creek 

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